How Much Does a Real Estate Attorney Cost?

Real Estate Attorney

To ensure you are properly protected when facing a real estate matter in Michigan, it is important to hire an experienced real estate attorney. It is also important to have an understanding of the amount for attorney fees and other costs that you will expect to pay throughout the process.

Our Attorney Fees

Traditionally, attorneys charge an hourly rate for legal services. The Ager Law Office has transitioned to a flat fee billing structure for most real estate legal services in place of the traditional hourly rate. Flat fee rates, also known as fixed fees, are agreed upon with our clients before we begin to work on a real estate matter.

Flat fees provide a straightforward and transparent approach to billing and also create a mutual expectation that is beneficial to both our clients and our attorney, Bill Ager. Agreeing upon the amount for our services at the beginning of an attorney-client relationship, ensures clients know in advance what legal fees they will be responsible for and it provides a clear understanding of the legal services that Bill will provide.

Bill has found that encouraging clients to make necessary communications on a legal matter improves the overall client experience and helps achieve our clients desired outcome. Our reasonable flat fees include all client communication and any necessary legal research and investigation that may be required.

Free Real Estate Attorney Consultations

Our law office offers free telephone consultations to discuss in detail the nature of the legal services and the scope of the work involved. At the end of this consultation, Bill will provide our up-front flat fee quote in a legal services agreement.

Our flat fee billing quote factors in the complexity of a matter and the estimated work required to effectively produce the desired outcome for a client. These fixed rate attorney fees are both reasonable and competitive and are based on many years of experience and knowledge of real estate matters.

Our Flat Fees for Real Estate Services:

  • Document Review including Sales Contracts/Purchase Agreements, Title Insurance Policy Commitments, Condo and Homeowners Association Documents and Closing Documents starting at $250.00.
  • Combined review of documents for a residential sale or purchase starting at $350.00.
  • Handling “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) Transactions for sellers or buyers, from start to finish, starting at $650.00.
  • Drafting of Offers to Purchase, Sales Contracts and Purchase Agreements starting at $250.00.
  • Land Contract transactions starting at $500.00.
  • Deeds, including Quitclaim Deeds, Warranty Deeds and Enhanced Life Estate Deeds (Lady Bird Deeds) starting at $150.00.
  • Review and Drafting Lease Agreements starting at $350.00.
  • Drafting Private Mortgages with Promissory Notes starting at $550.00.
  • Review of Easements starting at $250.00.
  • Property Ownership and Management Agreements starting at $525.00.
  • Investigating and Evaluating Real Estate related claims, including breach of contract, failure to disclose, misrepresentation and fraud claims, starting at $250.00.

Of course, there are real estate services, such as litigation of claims, negotiating settlements and resolution of disputes, where it is difficult to determine how extensive the legal work will be. In these types of cases an hourly rate or a modified hourly rate may be more appropriate. Nevertheless, for all real estate law services Bill will provide an upfront quote so you will know the how much you will pay for your matter.

For Additional Information on Real Estate Fees

For additional information on our reasonable flat fees and any additional costs you can expect to pay when buying and selling property, or faced with real estate matter in Michigan, contact our experienced real estate attorney, Bill Ager.