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Do you have an Adult Life Plan (an Estate Plan)?

An estate plan is a person’s “adult life plan”. Adult life begins when a person can vote, enter into contracts and make health care decisions for him or herself. Consequently, everyone needs to plan when they become an adult. Estate planning…
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Prince’s Death Shows the Importance of Estate Planning

Learning from Prince’s Death: Do your Estate Planning now. Prince did not have an Estate Plan – Here’s Why You should have one. The singer and artist Prince recently died without a will, trust or any other kind of an estate plan to pa…
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New Property Tax “Uncapping” Exemption Will Help Keep Your Home, Vacation Property or Cottage in the Family

Michigan has a new law, Public Act 310 of 2014, which has expanded the transfer of residential property to and from certain family members, trusts and probate estates, without causing the taxable value of the property to be “uncapped”. This is gr…

10 Reasons to Update your Will or Trust.

1. Birth or adoption of a child or grandchild. 2. Marriage or divorce involving yourself or children. 3. Children have reached the age of eighteen. 4. You have started a business. 5. A substantial increase or decrease in the value of your estate. 6.…
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Avoid Problems and Update Your Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

If your current durable power of attorney does not meet the new requirements of a new law that went into effect in May of 2012, (MCL 700.5501), you should consider contacting an attorney to draft a new one. The new requirements include: a durable po…
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