New Home Construction

New Home Construction

Undertaking a new home construction project can be even more challenging than buying a previously-owned home. Overseeing the construction of a new home is a very complex endeavor and homeowners may not understand what they are getting into at the outset.

The likelihood that a homeowner will be satisfied with a new home construction increases when an experienced real estate attorney is involved in the process. Bill Ager will help you navigate through the process, which usually involves working with not only a builder, but also an architect, title insurance company, lender and municipal agencies. If you are considering a new home construction project, contact Bill about what to expect and how your interests can be protected.

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How is ownership of the land handled in new construction projects?

One of the first issues to resolve with new home construction is who owns the land on which the home will be built. Initially, the land may be owned by the owner, builder or some other party.

A prospective homeowner who does not own the land should confirm ownership of the land with a title search or confirm that the builder has the legal right to build and sell a home on the property. He or she will also want to confirm that the seller of the land or builder will be able to deliver marketable title at closing after the home is built.

In addition, a prospective homeowner who does own the land should ensure that the construction project does not cause the property to become encumbered with construction liens. These issues should be discussed with an attorney.