How Much Does An Estate Planning Attorney Cost?

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If you are ready to protect your assets and your loved ones, it is important to hire an experienced Michigan estate planning attorney. Before beginning the process, it is also important for you to have an understanding of the amount of attorney fees that you will expect to pay for an estate plan that may include a will, trust and other important documents.

Our Attorney Fees

The Ager Law Office has transitioned to a flat fee billing structure for most Estate Planning legal services in place of the traditional hourly rate. Flat fee rates, also known as fixed fees, are agreed upon with our clients before we begin to work on an estate plan.

Flat fees provide a straightforward and transparent approach to billing and also create a mutual expectation that is beneficial to both our clients and attorney, Bill Ager. Agreeing upon the amount for our services at the beginning of an attorney-client relationship, ensures clients know in advance what legal fees they will be responsible for and it provides a clear understanding of the legal services that Bill will provide.

Our reasonable attorney fees include all client communication and any necessary legal research that may be required. Bill has found that encouraging clients to make necessary communications on a legal matter improves the overall client experience and helps achieve our clients’ desired outcome. In addition, clients are generally more comfortable and relaxed when they know the meter is not running when communicating on an estate planning matter.

Free Estate Planning Consultations

Our law office offers a free telephone consultation with Bill to discuss in detail your estate planning needs and the legal services that he will provide. After the consultation, Bill will provide an up-front flat fee quote in a legal services agreement.

Our quote factors in the complexity of a matter and the estimated work required to effectively produce the desired outcome for a client. These fixed rate attorney fees are both reasonable and competitive and are based on years of experience and knowledge of estate planning matters.

Our Flat Fees for Estate Planning apply to the following services:

  • Basic Estate Plan including Will, Financial Power of Attorney and Patient Advocate Designation for one person or married couple
  • Trust Estate Plan for one person or married couple including Trust, Will, Financial Power of Attorney and Patient Advocate Designation for one person or married couple
  • Wills and Testamentary Wills
  • Living Trusts/Revocable Living Trusts
  • Joint Trusts
  • Real Estate Trusts
  • Cottage and Vacation Property Trusts
  • Pet Trusts
  • Review of Estate Planning Documents
  • Amending Estate Planning Documents
  • Financial Power of Attorney Effective on Signing or Disability
  • Patient Advocate Designations and Medical Power of Attorney
  • Lady Bird Deed/Enhanced Life Estate Deed

Of course, there may be estate planning services where it is difficult to determine how extensive the legal work will be. In these types of cases an hourly rate or a modified hourly rate may be more appropriate. Nevertheless, for all estate planning services Bill will provide an upfront quote so you will know the how much you will pay for your matter.

For Additional Information on Estate Planning Fees

For additional information on our reasonable flat fees for our services, contact our experienced estate planning attorney, Bill Ager.